The Top 5 Bundles With Closures

Whether you want to add a boost to your hair for a special day or simply love the look of fuller, longer hair all the time, bundles with closures are the ideal go-to for hair fashion when you need a little something extra. If you've ever tried adding in hair to your hairstyle, you know it's gotta be high quality, look authentic, and work for your particular hair. Otherwise, it's obvious and the hairstyle just won't work. The best thing you can do for yourself? Find a high-quality bundle with a closure that'll seamlessly blend with your hair. Unsure of where to start? Luckily, we've got you covered with these 5 gorgeous options that meet our strict criteria for hair bundles that look real.

Wingirl Beauty Princess Body Wave Bundles with Closure

Extra Body and Bounce

Need to add a little something extra to your hairstyle? This beautiful Brazilian-hair option for bundles with closure is everything you need for your new look.
Best Overall

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This 100% unprocessed virgin human hair from Wingirl is the best of the best when it comes to finding a bundle with a closure that’ll add to your desired hairstyle. Made with luxurious, soft, absolutely gorgeous real hair, you’ll have the guarantee of unprocessed natural hair that can be colored, bleached, or processed to fit your own hair. The quality is exceptional, with zero shedding or tangles. Once applied, it’ll last 6-18 months depending on your use and care. Each bundle is hand-tied to perfection.


  • Each package contains 3 bundles with closure
  • Contains 100%BrazilianVirgin HumanHair—guaranteed to have no animal or synthetic hair
  • Made with a reinforced double weft
  • Multiple size length options available


  • Customers have noted a strong smell when first using this hair.

Amella Hair Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Bundles

Sleek, Shiny, and Perfectly Wavy

With a bit of wave, this gorgeous runner-up offers all the best in Brazilian bundles with closure.

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This runner-up from Amella is only second on the list because it’s a bit more pricier than the first. But as far as quality? You’re in for a treat with these bundles, too. One of the top reasons we love these particular bundles with closure is the fact that each one forces from completely virgin, unprocessed hair that’s cut from one donor and one donor only. This means the quality is top-notch. You’ll get bouncy, healthy, beautiful hair that’ll hold color, bleaching, and other processing you may need to apply in order to match your own hair. Treated with care, these bundles will last 6-12 months.


  • Multiple size options available
  • Hair won’t shed, won’t tangle, and is incredibly shiny and healthy
  • 100% unprocessed hair


  • It’s recommended to consult with your hairstylist on coloring or processing prior to applying these to your own hair

ALLRUN Straight Hair Bundles with Closure

Straight and Shiny

Want super straight, sleek hair? Look no further than ALLRUN's straight hair bundles with closure.
Best Straight Hair Bundles

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From a company that has 20 years+ experience in creating human hair extensions and bundles with closure, you’ll love your new look. And with 100% unprocessed hair, you can truly create just about any style you’re desiring with this bundle. Each bundle has a high-quality lace closure, and the hair itself is thick, full, shiny, and healthy. You’ll have a gorgeous bundle that can be curled, colored, or processed in virtually any way that suits your needs. With a free part, you can create a look that’s totally unique to you.


  • Zero shedding, tangles, lice, or knots
  • 130% density
  • Fair price point


  • You’ll need to impeccably care for this particular bundle with closure. Without proper care, it doesn’t last as long as others.

Hermosa Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles with Closure

For The Curly Girls

Need a tight curl? This gorgeous option is your best bet.
Best Curly Hair Bundles with Closure

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Looking for a gorgeous, shiny, curly hair bundles with closure option? You’re definitely going to love this option from Hermosa. Made from 100% curly virgin Brazilian hair, this unprocessed black hair can be processed to your own liking. Each bundle has extremely high elasticity, is healthy and shiny, and won’t shed, break, or tangle.

Per package, you’ll find 3 bundles with a closure (enough for a full head of hair, typically), and each bundle is about 95-100g. With 130% density, you’ll feel like it’s hair that’s naturally your own.


  • 100% human hair without any processing
  • Hair bundles can be processed to fit your own needs
  • A fantastic option for curly hair


  • When processing this hair, you’ll need to consult with your favorite hairstylist. Be careful of temperature control, as well as products used. If treated well, it’ll last for a number of months.

Beauhair Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with Lace Closure

A Gorgeous Fully-Body Wave

A wallet-friendly option for those looking for a high-quality set of bundles with closures.
Most Budget-Friendly

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Looking for a budget-friendly option? These wonderfully wavy bundles with closure will add just the right look for your wavy-hair goals. Made with 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair, you’ll have a gorgeous new look with no tangles, split ends, or unhealthy hair. The double weave is tight, and once applied, you’ll feel as if it’s your natural hair (it’s comfortable, won’t stink, and remains looking fantastic even months into styling). It’s made with a hand-tied method, so each bundle is strong, and blends perfectly with your own hair.


  • 130% density
  • Made with a top soft Swiss Lace
  • Hair can be colored
  • Excellent price point for a budget-friendly option


  • While other bundles with closure can last up to a year, this one typically lasts around 8 months with impeccable care

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly care for my bundles with closures?

It’s important to note that, while you can certainly process bundles with closures, you’ll want to consult with a knowledgeable hairstylist.

Now, as far as proper care: bundles with closures tend to be a bit more on the delicate side. You’ll want to treat them with absolute care–avoid excessive tugging, brushing, and combing, and avoid scratching or massaging your scalp as well. Rough handling, vigorous washing, and tight hairstyles can weaken the hair (as well as your own), which can lead to balding and a more wig-like appearance.

How long will bundles with closures typically last?

If you properly care for your new hair, it’ll typically last between 6-12 months. If you’re taking care of them, as well as your own scalp, and minimally processing the bundles themselves, they’ll likely last on the higher end of that timeline.