The Best Wax Beads

When you think of getting rid of unwanted body hair, you probably imagine a messy and time-consuming process. If you've been searching for a quick and convenient way, wax beads may be the solution. These beads simplify the process of removing hair at home, providing long-lasting results without irritating your skin. With all that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best wax beads on the market.

What to Look For

In order to find the best wax beads on the market, we asked ourselves the following three questions: Is it easy to apply and remove? What are its ingredients? Is it easy to heat up? Our top pick from Cirépil stood out because it works with all hair types and is suitable for use on all parts of the body. On the other hand, our runner-up from KōluaWax is formulated to remove thick or coarse hair all over the body. Keep reading below to learn about the rest of our top picks and discover the right one for you.

Cirépil All-Purpose Unscented Wax Beads

Silky skin from head to toe

These unscented wax beans work on hair of all textures, removing it effortlessly.
Best Overall

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When you want an effortless waxing, reach for Cirépil’s wax beads. Whether you have coarse, soft, short, or long hair, these wax beads get the job done. The patented formula is suitable for all areas of the body, easy to apply, and slows hair regrowth. Since it’s a hard wax, you don’t have to worry about any messy strips. Best of all, removing hair with these beads is virtually pain-free.


  • We love how quickly this wax dries, creating a vacuum seal by solidly adhering to the hair, making hair removal less painful than with other types of waxes.
  • Skin redness goes away relatively quickly after using this wax, leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch.


  • The wax can be very sticky, especially after it dries.

KōluaWax Coarse Body Hair Formula Wax Beads

A smooth finish

Target your stubborn body hair with these powerful wax beans.
Runner Up

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When you have a serious amount of hair to remove, these wax beads from KōluaWax are ready to help. These beads use Brazilian carnauba palm wax to remove even the most stubborn hair, making it the strongest formula from this brand. The beads are suitable for full-body hair removal and melt fast, so you won’t have to waste time when you’re in a hurry. Moreover, this wax hardens quickly and is easy to pull off without leaving behind a mess.


  • We were impressed by how easily this wax peels off once it has dried and that it doesn’t flake and leaves behind minimal residue.
  • The wax melts evenly on the skin and adheres to even the coarsest hairs, which helps protect the skin and reduce pain during the hair removal process.


  • It would be nice if it were available in larger bags or to purchase in bulk.

GIRLEARLE Sensitive Skin Formula Wax Beads

Remove hair with ease

Reach for these wax beans when you need to gently remove body hair.
Best For Sensitive Skin

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These rose oil-infused wax beads from GIRLEARLE help make removing hair all over the body a pleasant task. Although it’s an extra-strength formula designed to remove stubborn hairs, it’s incredibly gentle and non-irritating. It removes hairs deep within the skin, allowing you to enjoy smooth and silky legs for several weeks before reapplying. 


  • We found that these wax beads effectively removed even tiny hairs from the root, so there’s no need to wax the same area more than once.
  • This wax dries fast and removes hair quickly and efficiently without irritating sensitive skin.


  • The wax is softer than other brands on the list, so it may take you more time to get used to spreading it evenly.

Charmonic Lavender Wax Beads

Hair removal made easy

These wax beans take the guesswork out of body hair removal.
Best For Beginners

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Getting started may seem intimidating if you’re new to waxing your skin. No need to worry; these wax beads by Charmonic are so easy to use that you’ll be comfortable waxing in no time. These wax beads use natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin to gently remove hairs from your body. The wax goes on smooth without leaving much residue behind, so it’s a breeze to apply, and you won’t have to worry about it leaving a mess behind.


  • This wax bead kit comes with five bags, making it an excellent value, and you can expect it to last up to a year with regular waxing.
  • These wax beads have a low melting point making them a great option if you plant to wax sensitive areas like the face or armpits.


  •  Some people may find the lavender fragrance too strong.

Tress Wellness Coarse Hair Hard Wax Beads

Smooth as silk

This wax bead kit comes with everything you need to swiftly remove hair all over your body.
Best Kit

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With five scented packs of waxing beads, spatulas for the face and body, and pre and post-wax sprays, this waxing kit from Tress Wellness has everything you need to treat yourself to a full-body wax at home. Moreover, each bag of wax beads has a different scent, including tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus, so there’s something for every mood. This formula spreads easily onto the skin and effectively removes body hair quickly.


  • We love that this waxing formula is gentle enough to use on the face and doesn’t leave red marks when removed.
  • The pre-wax spray preps skin for waxing, and the post-wax spray effectively removes any residue while soothing skin after waxing.


  • It doesn’t come with any unscented beads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hard wax better than depilatory creams?

Hard wax is safer than depilatory creams if you want to avoid harmful chemicals and potential burns. If you leave a depilatory cream on for too long, it may burn your skin. In contrast, hard wax is generally safe, and there’s no risk of chemical burns if you leave it on too long. Also, hard wax tends to be less irritating than depilatory creams. Hard wax is also easier to use and less expensive.

What is the difference between soft and hard wax? 

There are several differences between hot and soft wax, including how you apply and remove them. Hot wax must be melted thoroughly before application, while soft wax is close to a liquid state, so it requires less heating before application. You also have to use soft wax with strips to remove body hair. In contrast, strips aren’t necessary when using hard wax to remove body hair.


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