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Since 2007, TotalBeauty has been committed to helping millions of people find the right makeup, skincare, and haircare products for their needs. Our experts know what works best for every face shape, skin type, hair type, and more. They are here to share that knowledge with everyone looking to upgrade their beauty routines or try something new.

The Best Hair Ties

Though a borrowed hair tie can save the day in an emergency, there's nothing like knowing you're well stocked with your favorite band on hand. That's why it's important to find the perfect pack of ponytail holders. And these days, there are more options to choose from than ever before. To help you get started, we've combed through the competitors to bring you our favorite hair ties on the market today. When compiling our list, we considered the design, elasticity, and intended hair type for each tie. So, for example, if you've got thick curls and need a stretchier tie, your best bet is Gosicuka's fabric tie. On the other hand, thinner hair types may benefit from a spiral hair tie like TailaiMei's waterproof band, which leaves fewer creases in fine hair. Check out the rest of our list below and get your mane made up faster.

The Best Lip Masks

Are dry, flaky, and cracked lips ruining your entire makeup look? Instead of suffering through the discomfort, it's time to find a product that will give you the moisture and hydration that your current routine is missing. While traditional lip balm can eventually plump up your lips and give you the smooth look you want, lip masks are a faster and more effective alternative that will hydrate in no time. From overnight masks to others that are one-time wear, there are countless options that will give you the results you've been looking for. So how can you possibly choose the right one? Don't worry—we've got you covered. When you're on the hunt for a new lip mask, keep three main factors in mind: the quality of the ingredients, how quickly it takes effect, and how many uses you'll get out of the product. Thanks to the unbeatable moisture and silky smooth texture, Laneige's overnight lip mask is one of our favorites. The Burt's Bees mask, on the other hand, only takes a few minutes to start taking effect, making it a quick fix for dry and flaking lips. Check out these top picks and our other favorites to add to your beauty routine.

The Best Curling Wand

Whether you want to transform your straight hair into luscious waves or open up your natural curl pattern, a curling wand is an essential beauty tool. There is a wide variety of curling wands available depending on the hairstyle you’re going for, and different wands will give you everything from loose waves to defined ringlets. You can also create numerous styles with a standard curling wand, so it’s a versatile addition to your bathroom cabinet. While searching for the best curling wands, we looked for lightweight models that were easy to hold and heat up quickly enough to create a lasting curl. Our overall favorite was the three-barrel curling iron from Alure. It heats up in under a minute and the triple barrel design means that you can curl your hair much faster than with a traditional single barrel curling wand. If you want classic curls we’d recommend the Infinitipro by Conair. The clampless design means you won’t have any accidental bends or crimps in your hair, and it heats evenly up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for quick curling. To learn more about the best curling wands on the market, keep reading our in-depth reviews.

The Best Leave-In Conditioners

Has thin straw hair got you down? From frizzled roots to split ends, dry hair can cause some bad hair days. We've been busy scouring the internet for our favorite leave-in conditioners and discovered a few worthy enough for our list. These products will leave dry hair bouncy, healthy, and manageable thanks to penetrating oils, extracts, and binders. If you want in on luscious locks, read on for this list of silky hair products that'll leave even the driest hair shiny, smooth, and tangle-free.

The Best Vanity Stool

Sometimes the details are what can really transform a space in your home. All it takes is the right piece of art, the right accent table, or in this case, the right vanity stool to make a room shine. Vanity stools are something that you may not have considered before but have the power to change the vibe. In addition to the looks, a vanity stool creates a nice space for you to sit and relax and enjoy some peaceful time to reflect. Whether you put this vanity stool in your bathroom, closet, or bedroom, you may find that this becomes one of your favorite pieces and places in your home. If you’re shopping for vanity stools, we suggest focusing on three different key factors: style, materials, and comfort. Hillsdale’s vanity stool has a more elegant design that works perfectly in some homes but not in others. Something like the vanity stool from IWELL may be more versatile and work in a range of different homes, but it doesn’t have the back for support that the Hillsdale one does. Learn more about these options and our other top picks to find the best vanity stool for you.

The Best Cream Blush

For decades, blush has been a staple of the daily makeup routine. The addition of a rose tint to your cheekbones gives a bright and flirty lift to your overall look. However, for years and years, we have only known blush to be in the form of a powder. That's all changing now with the introduction of cream blush products. We absolutely love this makeup classic in a soft cream form, as it allows for a more natural and lightweight look and feel. It's a whole new world of makeup application, as you can not only use cream blush on your cheeks but also on your eyelids and lips for a soft, romantic vibe. If you're ready to take the next step in your beauty journey, look no further than our list of cream blush favorites curated specifically for you. Finding your dream blush is a venture worth pursuing. Before setting out on our mission to find the best cream blush products, we considered the most critical factors. When it comes down to it, a perfect cream blush should be lightweight, hydrating, and provide a natural-looking warmth to the face. For the best lightweight blush, you can't beat the Cindy Joseph's Boom blush stick for its smooth, anti-creasing application. However, thanks to its hydrating qualities, the Palladio blushing cheek tint stick is our favorite for combatting dry skin. Finally, for those who like a soft and natural glow from a blush, we recommend the e.l.f. monochromatic multi-stick. Keep reading below to learn more about our favorite cream blush products.

The Best Natural Deoderant For Women

Natural deodorant is having a big moment, and we hope that it’s here to stay. For many years, the truth of the toxic ingredients in deodorant had been hidden, but not anymore. People are looking to make changes to what they swipe under their armpits. However, the most important thing to note about natural deodorant is that it won’t prevent sweating. The difference is that natural deodorant’s primary focus is to reduce body odor. We went on a hunt to find the best natural deodorants for women. Finding the right natural deodorant is a journey that can often include trial and error. We’ve done some of that for you. The main features we looked for in our natural deodorant hunt are how long they keep you smelling fresh and clean, whether they were tested on animals, and how they smell. Native's natural deodorants smell the best but don’t keep you smelling clean for as long as the deodorant from Lume, which keeps you odor-free for up to 72 hours. Read on to learn more about our other picks for your pits.

The Best Conditioners

If straw-like hair has you down, don't fret. There are more ways than ever to tame frizz, hydrate thirsty tresses, and achieve soft, touchable strands, thanks to innovative, nourishing conditioners. No matter your hair type, color, or damage level, you're bound to find a new favorite among the options reviewed below. Check out our favorite conditioners on the market to add softness and shine to your crowning glory.