The Top 5 Scented Lotions

Most people use lotion on a regular basis to moisturize their skin. Scented lotion has the added benefit of smelling absolutely amazing and can be just as varied as your personality. There’s the relaxing vibe of lavender or chamomile, tropical mango, or subtle hints of rose. Buy your favorite scent or try them all.

The 5 Best Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Sets

If you've never heard of argan oil, you're in for a treat: This powerhouse oil is your one-stop shop for all your hair concerns, including frizz, dandruff, dullness, and dryness. This is because argan oil is super-nourishing, as it's rich in must-have minerals, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Apart from smoothing down frizz, increasing elasticity, and restoring shine and softness to previously dull locks, argan oil can even help speed up hair growth. (Yes, really.) Basically, it's time to incorporate this magical oil into your hair care routine; and, there's no better way to do so than by investing in a good argan oil-infused shampoo and conditioner set. Here are the five best.

The 5 Best Deep Conditioners for Damaged Hair

Uh-oh...did you blow-dry or straighten your hair so much that now it looks more like brittle, cracked straw than actual hair? Hey, there's no shame; we're all guilty of a little too much heat styling every now and again. Which is why it's so important to have a rich, ultra-hydrating deep conditioner on hand, to save your damaged mane and help restore its natural shine and smoothness when needed. Everyone can benefit from a good deep conditioning treatment, but if your hair is suffering from breakage, split ends, and other damage, then a deep conditioner is a must-have product in your beauty tool arsenal. Here are the five best.

The 5 Best Velvet Scrunchies

What was once a hair accessory for tween girls in the 90s is still bonafide fashion trend, and for good reason. Simply put, hair scrunchies are vastly superior to regular ol' elastics. That's because, unlike elastics, scrunchies (especially ones that are made from silk or velvet) don't do damage to your hair. They don't snag, pull, or cause breakage or split ends; and, they also tend to hold hair better. Not to mention, a velvet scrunchie is a true statement piece. (Don't be surprised when you get a ton of compliments when you wear one.) Are you ready to rock this throwback style? Here are the five best velvet scrunchies, grouped by category.

The Top 5 Dermaplaning Tools

Dermaplaning helps keep your skin smooth. It's an exfoliation process that uses a sterile surgical scalpel to carefully remove dead skin. As you use dermaplaning tools, you're basically shaving the top layer of skin. This allows your moisturizer and other skincare products to reach deeper layers of your skin. Since you can remove peach fuzz hair during this process, it can help make your skin smoother. If you're ready to give dermaplaning a try, here are five of the top dermaplaning tools you can purchase.

by Lisa

The Top 5 Scented Bodywashes

When you're trying to get clean, a bar of soap can be slippery. Once the water hits it, soap slips and slides everywhere. This can make your shower a challenge. If you're looking for a simpler way to get clean, scented body wash is a great option. It comes packaged neatly in a bottle, and you can squeeze out the amount you want. You can also easily add scented body wash to a bath shower sponge. If you're looking for some quality scented body wash to help you stay clean, here are five incredible options for you.

by Lisa

The Top 5 Shampoo and Conditioner Sets for Curly Hair

Every curly-haired woman knows that natural curls can be a blessing and a curse. Curls make for a beautiful, voluminous hairstyle but can also be a nightmare to tame. Treat your curls well by using shampoo and conditioner that's specially formulated for your needs. We tried out the top 20 shampoo and conditioner sets for curly hair and narrowed it down to the 5 best sets that you'll love. These sets will give your curly hair the vitamins it needs to grow faster, stay bouncy, appear frizz-free, and help prevent hair loss.

The Top 5 Collagen Powders to Keep Your Youthful Glow

While we still haven't found the fountain of youth, we do have access to some amazing supplements to help us look young. Collagen powder has the incredible ability to provide essential support for skin, improving its elasticity and hydration. It makes wrinkles less visible, helps with dry skin, and smooths fine lines. With the thousands of options out there, it's hard to know which collagen powder will work the best for your skin. We sorted through the best 50 to bring you the top 5 you need to check out to keep your youthful glow for decades to come.