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The Best Korean Makeup

Korean makeup can help you redefine the way you highlight your features, and the result can transform your look. If you want to ditch your current routine and give Korean makeup, we know that it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. There are a ton of amazing products out there ranging from eyeliner to blush to lip tint, so deciding which will work best for you isn't easy. But don't fret — we've got your back. In order to find the best Korean makeup on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Does this makeup apply smoothly and last throughout the day? Will it complement various skin types? And lastly, does it offer something that other types of makeup can't? Our favorite was Skin Food's Peach Cotton powder, which is not only great for those with oily skin, but also a treat for the nose. That's because its delicious peach aroma comes from real peach extract, and it truly is a delightful scent. How many other types of makeup can make that claim? We also loved Etude House's Face Blur SPF foundation, which contains hyaluronic acid to help give your skin that bright, dewy countenance. We have a few other favorites, so keep on reading to discover why we liked each of them so much.

The Best Smart Mirrors

If you want to feel more organized and streamlined as you go about your day, a smart mirror is the way to go. Aside from showing you a drop-dead gorgeous reflection, a smart mirror can also connect you to the internet to connect you to the outside world. Often, they also feature dimmable lights and other useful features. Thing is, there are so many smart mirrors on the market that it can be tough knowing which is right for you. Not sure how to select the right mirror for your needs? You've come to the right place. In order to find the best smart mirrors on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Will this smart mirror's components, such as the touchscreen, facilitate a good user experience? Are the mirror's features truly useful? Is it worth the price? With those criteria in mind, we landed on a few finalists. Our favorite was LyteSho's LED bathroom mirror, which stops just short of being a personal assistant thanks to the news updates, traffic reports, and weather forecasts it provides. Its anti-fog technology, receptive touchscreen, and energy-efficient lights helped win us over, too. But LyteSho isn't the only show in town. Cool2day's smart mirror impressed us with the quality of its components and the superiority of its lighting features; in fact, few other smart mirrors can be dimmed with such control as this one. To learn about the rest of our favorites and why we liked each of them so much, simply read on.

The Best Hand Sanitizer Holders

Want to keep germs at bay? Hand sanitizer is an easy and fast solution to ensure your hands stay clean and free of unwanted bacteria. But carrying a full-sized bottle around can be cumbersome and annoying, which is where hand sanitizer holders come in. From travel-sized options that you can hook to your backpack to durable holders you can attach to your car, there's a sanitizer holder out there for everyone. Here we've rounded up a few of our favorites. In order to find the best hand sanitizer holders on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Does the holder make it easy to access the hand sanitizer? Will it endure the rigors of everyday use? And, of course, is the hand sanitizer holder cute? Our favorite option was Itzy Ritzy's vegan leather option because it is snazzy, animal-friendly, and easy to use. We also like that it can be used to hold other small accessories when you're not using it to store your hand sanitizer. That option aside, we also loved WeatherTech's holder, which is meant to clip onto a door in your car. That way, any time you're out and about, you'll always have your sanitizer on hand. We have a few other favorites, too, so keep reading to discover why we liked each of them so much.

The Best White Eyeliner

Want bigger, brighter eyes in just a few seconds? Easy: simply add white eyeliner to your morning makeup routine. This powerhouse product can instantly transform tired eyes to make them look fresh and sparkling. From classic pencil styles to more bold liquid alternatives, there are endless white eyeliner options out there. Instead of sifting through a sea of search results, we've made your life easier by rounding up a few of our favorites. In order to find the best white eyeliners on the market, we asked ourselves three questions: Will this eyeliner last all day? Does the applicator make it easy to apply it precisely? Is it bold and highly pigmented? Our favorite pick was NYX Professional's jumbo eye pencil, which is bold, easy to apply, and highly blendable. But we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't also include Stila's Stay All Day liquid eyeliner, which boasts a premium formulation and is waterproof to boot. Read on to discover the rest of our favorites and why we liked each of them so much.

The Best Extra Long Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a staple in nearly every home, and they serve several purposes. They give you privacy, protect your floors from water, and add style to your space. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right fit if your shower space is taller than average. So what can you do? Simple: choose an extra long shower curtain like one of the options on this list. You can find one to meet your needs while sticking to your style. Check out some of our favorites below.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits

Feeling confident in your smile can go a long way. Whether you're preparing for a job interview or a wedding, you'd be surprised at what a difference your smile can make. Today's teeth whitening kits come with everything you need to bring out the best in your pearly whites. They make it quick, easy, and affordable to lighten your teeth in just a few days. We've rounded up a list of some tried and true whitening kits. Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorites.

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The Best Bathroom Towels

Bath towels can make or break a shower experience. If the towels are soft, thick, and absorbent, you may start the day feeling refreshed and comfortable. If the towels are itchy, un-absorbent, or too thin, you could be left soggy and unsatisfied. If you’ve been feeling a bit lackluster about your bathroom decor, upgrading towels can be a beneficial (and very comfortable) next step. Start the day right with a new batch of towels. If you’re not sure what kind to get, don’t worry. We’ve put a list together of the best bathroom towels available today so you can choose what’s right for you. Time to get squeaky clean.

The Best Bathroom Scales

Staying at a healthy weight requires more than just diet and exercise; it requires dedication. If you want to monitor your weight and make the necessary adjustments to stay fit, you’ll need a precise bathroom scale. While many would groan at the thought of stepping onto a scale, it can also be a tool that can help you get to a healthier state. If you’re not sure what kind of bathroom scale to get, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the top bathroom scales available online. It’s time to weigh your options and pick the scale that’s best for you.