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The Best Natural-Looking False Lashes

False lashes are a simple way to take your makeup up a notch, but if overly fluffy lashes are too dramatic for your taste it’s best to go for a natural-looking option. Wispy lashes can elevate your eyes without looking fake, especially if you have sparse lashes to begin with. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell from photos how lashes will look in person or on your eyes. To help you out, we’ve researched the best natural-looking false lashes and created a list of the top contenders.

The Best Stools for Your Vanity

Getting ready at a vanity table feels glamorous, but it’s hard to savor the experience if you’re perched on an uncomfortable seat. A great vanity stool not only matches your decor but has a supportive cushion to keep you comfy while you do your hair and makeup. There are tons of options out there, but not all vanity stools are created equal. We’ve researched the best vanity stools on the market and created a list to help you out, so check out the choices below to find a model that fits your style.

The Best Treadmills

Treadmills are an excellent way to stay active, even if you can't get to the gym or hit the trails. They're also a handy tool for those of us working on weight loss because you can exercise without feeling judged or self-conscious. There are lots of different models available, ensuring there's one to fit all of your needs and space restrictions. To help you find the best option for your lifestyle, we've done the research and gathered a list of the best treadmills available.

The Best Cluster Lashes

Strip lashes are fun and dramatic, but if you’re looking to add a subtle oomph to your eye makeup you can’t go wrong with cluster lashes. Each cluster has only a few lashes, so you can put a few on each eye for an understated look or layer them for a fluffy, voluminous appearance. This makes them more versatile than strip lashes, and packs usually include a few different lengths so that you can mix and match them. If you’re ready to give cluster lashes a try, check out our list of the best options on the market.

The Best Glossy Lip Oils

When you want to add a subtle tint and shine to your pretty pout, consider reaching for a glossy lip oil. They’re oil-based, so they go all-in on moisturizing your lips and preventing dry skin and flakiness. Lip oils also have a natural shine, and they’re smooth rather than sticky once they’re applied. There is a huge range of options, from lightweight, clear formulas to ultra-hydrating, colored blends. Check out our list of the best glossy lip oils below to find the perfect match for your makeup.

The Best Eucalyptus Bundles for Your Shower

If you spend time on TikTok or Pinterest, chances are you’ve seen people hanging bunches of eucalyptus leaves in their showers. Besides looking nice and creating a spa-like environment, eucalyptus in your shower actually has potential health benefits as well. The hot steam releases natural essential oils from the leaves, which can clear congestion and soothe inflamed nasal passages. If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, take a look at our list of the best eucalyptus bundles for your shower below.

The Best Humidifiers

Humidifiers are often unsung heroes in the home. They help loosen mucus and ease cold symptoms, take the edge off the drying effects of your HVAC system, and even help prevent dry skin. Also, using one at night may eliminate your overnight cough and frequent bloody noses caused by dried-out sinuses. And the better your machine, the more positive the effects.

The Best White Vanities

Having a dedicated space for applying your makeup, styling your hair, and storing all your beauty supplies sounds like a dream, right? It doesn't have to be: there is a vanity that'll check all of the must-haves off of your list. Makeup vanities are convenient for the optimal organization of your beauty products, they provide a space for you to sit and enjoy your beauty routine, and they can be a stylish-yet-functional piece of furniture in your home that adds a touch of whimsy and class. We've reviewed a number of classic white vanities, so if you're looking for some options to sift through, we've got the list for you.